2024’s Inner Circle

Honourable delegates and distinguished guests,

With pride, we present the students of ASMUN 2024: our Inner Circle. The succes of the 6th edition is owed to these 8 students.

We are incredibly excited about the conference on the 1st of February, we hope you are too!

ASMUN 2024

Honourable delegates and distinguished guests,

We are thrilled to announce that the 6th edition of ASMUN will take place in the 5th week of 2024. Although an exact date must still be decided, we are already enthusiastic to see all of you participating in exciting debates, heated discussions and ‘friendly’ conversations. It is a pleasure and an honour for us to organise and arrange the 6th edition of ASMUN. For now, check out the rest of this website and our socials to keep up with the latest updates. In case you are interested in this event (as a sponsor or school), you may contact us at contact@asmun.nl.

Hopefully, we will see you all in Assen in 2024.

Yours faithfully,

The Inner Circle 2024